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You shouldn't reach your coworker and ask them if they are offended only because it seems to you that recently they don't greet you as you actually expect them to greet you. There're plenty of reasons why one can be lost, distracted, excessively meditative and so on and so on. Even more, there's no obligation from any of your coworkers to like you - there'...


First, it's probably not "he dislikes you because you use a foreign language". It may well be damaging you socially to do that, but you've apparently been doing it from day 1, and this guy was quite friendly until a few days ago. That's not the cause of this problem. So, you're trying to repair the social situation, find out what's going wrong, and not ...


I wouldn't approach the coworker since you've already asked him if he is okay once and he didn't tell you anything. If the problem is with you, he may not want to directly confront you with it. If the problem is personal, he may not want to open up to you about it. Let your manager know you think he has some issue and ask them to get involved.

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