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A possibility is take on dev-ops responsibilities (maybe the others are happy to off-load them to you). Once you have this power you can setup the whole build/release-process in such a way that it is mandatory to write one or more accompanying unit-tests with every ticket that is checked-in, or the build will fail.


I'd start by talking with your line-supervisor (the other developer), pointing out how you consider that unit testing is very important and that it would be valuable and beneficial to the entire project if tests were maintained just as closely as the source-code is. Try to convince him or her of the pragmatic benefits of this approach, and that they really ...


If that is now the last message in the group chat, I would send a message to change the focus of the conversation, some new result, or some work question, just to move on. Otherwise, just ignore it.


Just take him at his word and don't get involved with other people putting him down. Nothing constructive about joining in.

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