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Request lower salary than offered

While this might seem odd to you, to inexperienced HR and to new faces like a new startup, it actually is something that comes up once in a while. A person will have very specific requests connected ...
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Request lower salary than offered

Do you believe it reasonable that I request a salary less than £60k, IMO that's perfectly fine. While the ask is unorthodox you have a very good reason for it and you can show hard data that backs ...
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How to add more detail and specifics to work history as per recruiter's request?

They are asking you to put software and technologies you’ve used in your work on your resume so they can more easily match you up with job postings. A job posting might have a list of things that aren’...
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Request lower salary than offered

I have been in a similar situation, where the first home loan I was getting had an upper salary limit. I had to show my last bank statement with the salary. I had just started a new job. I talked ...
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