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Called into a meeting and told we are being made redundant (laid off) and "not to share outside". Can I tell my partner?

You're not in the army, in prison or at school - you can tell whoever you like. What are they going to do if you do ?
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Called into a meeting and told we are being made redundant (laid off) and "not to share outside". Can I tell my partner?

In a situation where you're asked to do something uncanny, like be silent about getting laid off, it might be helpful to reflect on why they're asking you to do that. Instead of just obeying and then ...
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My boss gave me an end date for my job- but he wants a very complex project done before then

Act out of professionalism, not out of spite. That said, you can act professionally without making it easy for them. You need to get your resume out, NOW Start scheduling interviews ASAP, take time ...
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Can I use NDA materials to force my employer to pay my salary if I haven't signed NDA agreement?

Rationalise it anyway you want, but it's still blackmail. You have plenty of legal recourses specifically made to protect your rights to be paid that don't include playing games with other people's ...
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Fired by an Intoxicated Boss

Why hide it? Yes, your boss was intoxicated, but you don't want to have issues because you didn't mention something you full well knew and they then find out later. Just make sure to explain exactly ...
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Fired for third time from a software development job. What to do?

I spent a lot of time refactoring and trying to remove technical debt. I received a verbal warning for under-performing before going on holidays. It seems here you were working on something that wasn'...
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Employee questioning company policies too much - what should we do?

What should you do when an employee questions your corporate policies? You listen! If the employee was disrespectful, then fix the disrespect. If the employee is respectfully questioning your ...
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Being asked to sign a "termination certificate" 6 months after resigning

The Employee View No, you do not. Companies often want you to sign things at (or, if poorly organized, after) termination (noncompetes, IP agreements, NDAs, promises not to sue them...). These ...
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Went to a big 4 but got fired for underperformance in a year recently - Now every one thinks I'm pro - How to balance expectations?

But you are a pro. Always remember that. A recruiter at Bigcorp looked at you and went "you know, this is a pro I'd like to hire" Working a bazillion hours a week isn't what makes the people at ...
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Fired for third time from a software development job. What to do?

Today I was fired from a software company.. for the 3rd time in 1.5 years. Needless to say I feel like I reached bottom and it's impossible to get out without changing career. Should I change a ...
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How to force disgruntled worker not to publicly disclose "GPLed code"

While I won't answer the original problem directly I wish to tackle something tangent to this. And I feel it is important enough to warrant an answer and not a comment. From a comment (and the post) ...
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Written warning for allegedly "slacking off" (in Germany)

Talk to a lawyer, now. This is specific to Germany. You have limited time to oppose this formal notification According to German law this may have serious implications According to German law it must ...
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How can I safely terminate my contract before its end date?

Anything serious enough to get you immediately fired is serious enough to jeopardize your future career. Don't do it. Hand in your notice and either negotiate with your employer to leave before 4 ...
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Employee questioning company policies too much - what should we do?

Did you actually send him a copy of your travel expenses policy before he traveled to the interview? If not, then I'm not surprised that he made a fuss about it. If I were asked to attend an ...
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How to force disgruntled worker not to publicly disclose "GPLed code"

This situation is spiraling out of control out of anger and frustration. I can't speak to the legal aspect, but it should not have gotten to this stage. You basically gave him nothing in negotiation ...
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I fear I am being set up to be fired by my direct manager. How to save my job?

This sounds like someone actively trying to sabotage your position in this company. In a situation like this, it's plain bullying. It's time to end the pleasantries and fight back hard whenever ...
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Probably terminated or laid off soon; confront or not?

Don't confront them. Here's why: If they say they aren't going to lay you off, will you believe them? You shouldn't. So you are no closer to resolution or closure. If they say they are letting you go....
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How can I give a chance to a coworker for a new job interview without getting him fired?

You already messed up. When you talked to the directors, you should have said "Joe is performing his duties quite well, I know we are not paying Joe what he should be paid based on his ...
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Fired from job - left my Gmail, Stack Exchange, LinkedIn, and other personally owned accounts logged in. How do I proceed?

Go online and change all the passwords now for your personal accounts. Obviously the OP no longer has access to the work machine, so this means either using a machine at home or even going to an ...
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Extracting work from people who are on PIPs but who we also cannot fire?

There is no way to “turn around” these devs. Short of some come-to-Jesus experience where they decide to work hard for no good reason, they are doing the reasonable thing for the position they are in....
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Fired for third time from a software development job. What to do?

Understand why you're getting fired You've said it yourself. You're focusing on rewriting, when that isn't what you're there to do. You have a really bad case of Not Invented Here syndrome. As far as ...
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What are the ethical concerns of giving a notice period to an incompetent employee when it’s not required by contract?

I think you are misunderstanding the question from your boss, and over thinking the situation. Your boss isn't asking how long you want as notice for the person, she actually wants to know what the ...
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Is it appropriate to walk out after giving notice before my two weeks are up?

It would be unprofessional to leave and just not come back without any warning or reason or anything. What would not be unprofessional is to go to your boss and say something like: "I feel like ...
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I got fired on my last day; is that possible?

I wanna know that what could I say to prove that he couldn’t fire me on my last day cause I already gave him my 2-week notice As you are an at-will you can be fired pretty much for any reason, and ...
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How to help a colleague after termination warning

Nothing you can do will help him. If the company is being sold they have probably been told to get rid of some staff. This is reasonably common. Buying a company with contracted staff, you don't see a ...
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Senior engineer requesting promotion without payraise after promotion deferred due to COVID

TLDR version: You absolutely should give him this empty promotion with the promise that there will be a stated goal (and activity) towards making it not empty in the future. You should thank Gus for ...
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Employee effectively not working during notice period

So you fire someone for not being productive and then expect him to be productive? Joke's on you. He was already poorly motivated, now he's even less motivated. You should have expected this and just ...
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I've been asked to resign and leave, what to do and how do I tell my team?

Based on your comment, you are located in the United States. If I were you, I would not resign. I would continue doing my job and give the best performance I could (Edit: Exactly for getting ...
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Employee effectively not working during notice period

The best course of action is to let him stay home at this point. It is no use to expect him to be productive while on a working notice, given that his performance was already lacking. Give him pay in ...
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