For questions about termination of employment, typically for cause (firing). Contrast with layoff and quitting.

Termination of employment is the end of an individuals employment with an organization, whether elected by the individual or initiated by the organization.

Termination can take on many different forms. Please use the appropriate tag based on the below. While a general term, termination is typically used here to refer to involuntary termination for cause (firing).

  • Resignation (tag with ): "Quitting" or an employee making the decision to end employment independently of the organization's desire to continue or discontinue employment
  • Dismissal: "Firing" or the organization making the decision to end an employment independently of the employee's desire to continue or discontinue work
  • Layoff (tag with ): The collective dismissal of a group of employees, likely due to needs of the organization unrelated to the behavior or performance of the employees themselves