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Coworker keeps threatening to tattle on me for "time theft"

First, take a defensive position. Arrive 5 mins early, leave 5 mins late. (if possible) Don't go to HR, yet, although they may need to be called in. Normally, I'd say go to your coworker first, ...
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Is it unprofessional to have a quiet alarm for your own finishing time?

Most people have some sort of commitment that they have to attend after work. These could be making the carpool/train everyday, picking up the kids, or a once a week activity. There is nothing ...
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Coworker keeps threatening to tattle on me for "time theft"

This is a direct attack and somewhat creepy. Talk to your manager about it. Ask your manager if this guy is supposed to be monitoring you in the bathroom etc,. and that it's weird and upsetting that ...
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My boss wants me to attend a meeting every day before work hours

Isn't the real problem here that they are asking to have work meetings, outside of work hours? We have daily scrums slightly after the day starts so that people can get drinks/etc. and then do the ...
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If you're overwhelmed at work, how do you choose what takes precedence?

Priorities need to be set by your boss. Talk to him about them. Yes that might mean the other customer waits longer, it is not your call. Another benefit of having your boss explicitly set your ...
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Is it wrong to manage my time in such a way that I don't have to work past 5:00 PM?

The messages from your supervisor that you shared in your post are concerning. I would deem them to be a red flag. There is nothing wrong with not working past 5pm, especially if you perform well. If ...
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How to handle being late

I am from a German background in which I was brought up to believe the following: Being early is being on time Being on time is being late Being late is unforgivable Questions: 1) What do you say ...
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Coworker watches content on his phone all day

Should I approach him about this behavior? I would only do this if this person is falling behind on their tasks, or their work quality worsens. You just said that this person is a "good employee ...
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Do developer teams put fewer constraints on themselves or have they fewer constraints in terms of work hours?

The main question is why they (or anyone) should be in the office at 9:30. Do you (or the customer) need to contact the developers in the morning? Fixed schedules are mostly to make sure that people ...
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Should I inform my colleague/manager that I get sudden "bad days"?

I think you'd best get some kind of professional (medical) diagnosis for this. It is a lot easier to go to your boss with a medical term that they can, to some extent, relate to and appreciate, ...
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My manager said I spend too much time on Stack Exchange. How can I prove its value?

how can I prove its value? You can't because it doesn't have any in that context. If you're using it to solve problems once in a while that's one thing, but if you're 'spending too much time' on it, ...
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I've been given a project I can't complete, what should I do?

You should already have asked for guidance at the very beginning, when you felt it was overwhelming - but better late than never. Immediately reach out to your superior / manager and make them aware ...
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Coworker watches content on his phone all day

I don't know the psychological term for this but when I was in university studying computer science I developed a bad habit of always playing random repetitive games on my phone or laptop while ...
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Some coworkers are committing to work overtime for a 1% bonus. How can I best opt out of this?

I'm part of a massive death march project that really seems unlikely to be finished in shorter than six months. The company has announced a 1% bonus for everyone if this particular project is ...
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How do I deal with a subordinate that insists on providing too much detail?

Here is a professional way to address it. Next time he starts his explanations, again point out that you don't need to hear this level of detail, and say that you've told him that before. And then ...
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How to respond to, "How long will this take?" when in a new job position

I don't mind busting my ass; I mind the sense of dread and emergency she approaches every conversation with because she's worried about the project timelines. It stresses me out and makes me feel ...
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Answering questions of project failure during interviews

After reading interview questions about "describe a time when a project you have lead has failed" As an interviewer, if I asked this question I would be most interested in your role and how you ...
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Manager wants to completely avoid any overtime work. How can I adapt to this change?

If she thinks that she can't get all the work done in those hours, and she feels all the work is important, then she should go to her boss and work out priorities for the work: what work is most ...
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A way to fight back the meeting-bongo, how dangerous is this idea?

This would seem to be a language-issue, so essentially "How do I tell my boss we are spending, in my opinion, too much time in meetings?" What I would say is this: On a Friday, email Boss: ...
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Does my boss have any say on when my team should take their lunch breaks?

What problem is this trying to solve? Reception of this policy will entirely depend on whether the team perceives a problem with current state -- or not. A boss ramrodding this for no reason? It ...
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When do I tell my boss I'm out of work to do?

Reviewing old code and studying are both important for your personal development and (directly or indirectly) beneficial to the company. So I wouldn't call it 'inactive', which would imply you're just ...
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How can I discourage my new hire from working such long hours?

Order them to stop doing it I had exactly the same with my recent hire. Awesome guy. Absolutely smashing it. I brought it up in our first weekly one-on-one. Didn't stop him. So I started ordering him ...
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How can I increase focus when doing something boring?

It's perfectly natural to struggle to concentrate on something which is not mentally stimulating to you. To answer your question - no, you're certainly not the only person who struggles with this. ...
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How should I manage conflicting schedules from project managers who refuse to communicate with each other?

What should I do in this scenario? Make your own schedule of tasks and publish it. Include all of your current assignments laid out in non-overlapping time segments, using your best estimates for ...
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Coworker keeps threatening to tattle on me for "time theft"

I like Richard U's answer, but another tactic you might consider is to say, Let's go to our manager's office together to discuss this with him/her right now. Do so in a calm, helpful tone. I think ...
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Is it wrong to manage my time in such a way that I don't have to work past 5:00 PM?

Like others, I don't consider your 8am-5pm schedule a problem, but a sign of good time management. The problem to solve is the relationship with the manager. How much can you observe about the manager'...
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How to deal with severe mental fatigue without taking time off?

Go talk to a doctor or psychologist. Apart form this advice, do not listen to people on the internet saying things you should do Burnout is a serious affliction, not to be taken lightly.Your brain ...
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How to request help on a project without throwing my co-worker "under the bus"

My question is how can I speak to our boss about this without disparaging my co-worker? Don't talk to your manager about your co-worker or their time off. Talk to them about the work that is left to ...
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Is it unprofessional to have a quiet alarm for your own finishing time?

It was unprofessional of your supervisor to tell you that. You have a train to catch. I work in a fairly casual office with lots of flex time, yet several people leave at specific times to catch ...
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