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Find out WHY they're giving you that oversized clothing. Maybe it's simply because your proper size isn't in stock and they don't have anything else that you will fit in? If that's the case, ask them if it's ok you wear something else until new stock of your proper size becomes available, or if you can alter it to fit properly. Mostly that's the reason for ...


An additional argument you can make towards your boss is that wearing an oversized uniform like that could risk your polo shirt getting caught on clothing racks and other fixtures around the store, risking toppling them and damaging the merchandise. Also, a polo that goes down to your knees restricts your motion in your legs (and I assume your arms are also ...


No one really covers the question being asked, "Can my employer force me to wear clothing that's too big?" Obviously, you will need to see the laws for your state to know for sure. That being said, an employer can require you to wear whatever they want. Of course, there are always exceptions for things like safety, religious beliefs, etc.


Ask your manager if they (or the company) will pay (reimbursed) for getting the shirt altered or tailored to fit. This is a good mediation between you and the company. If not, look up the labor laws about uniforms. If the company requires uniforms, they should have responsibility of either giving you one that fits or paying for the uniform to be adjusted ...


It's always good idea to try to find a solution to the problem when you bring it up with your boss or manager. They didn't like the idea of you bringing your own shirt, but maybe they'd be ok if you took the shirt and had it altered to fit you better. Having a garment made smaller is much easier to do than trying to make it larger, so this should not cost a ...


Despite the fact you are dealing with a person that is not reasonable at all you need to wear it. Its just for some hours before the store is opening and you will not deal with the public, I understand that can make you a bit uncomfortable but maybe try to play along and ask for a different size ASAP. It will be better accepted by your manager.

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