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How to discipline overeager engineer

he's made a point of cutting OT to nothing, focusing on his personal blog/LinkedIn to show off his knowledge, focusing on generic skills/abilities (at the expense of company-specific skills/...
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Potential employer flew me out for interview, cancels return flight

Seriously, what the heck? Is this normal for an employer to do? No, this is completely unacceptable. Sure, the interview didn't work out, but screwing the candidate because of that is just so, so bad....
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Is it acceptable to ask a waiter to pay if a customer leaves without paying?

Here is Virginia law: Legally, you can never be paid less than the federal minimum wage of $7.25/hour. If you work for an hour, you must make at ...
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"Offensive" bumper sticker on car

You absolutely have the right to have that bumper sticker on your car1. Your employer also has the right to fire you for keeping it there. I'd suggest removing the sticker. Feel free to ignore this ...
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Am I responsible for finding my own replacement?

Yes it is reasonable to leave without finding a replacement. The fact that the company has not properly planned for the case of an employee leaving for whatever reason is not your concern. Also, ...
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Is my employer allowed to access my office emails without my knowledge/permission?

They searched my office computer No, they didn't. They searched the government's computer which you are allowed to use in course of your employment. printed out some of my emails No, they didn't. ...
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Required to work unpaid overtime to "make up" for a shorter commute after moving closer to the office

Your friend is being had, if I was him I'd just refuse, do my normal hours and go home. The company can then decide what they want to do about it. In any case I'd be looking for a new job, so if they ...
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Is it reasonable for my employer to make me use unpaid time off to drive back after a work conference?

Travel away from home is legally work time, unless it was done outside of regular working hours, and you were a passenger (that is, you were not driving yourself). If you have spent another 6 hours ...
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My boss' new hire, a friend of his, is making advances on me

He's counting on you to avoid confrontation. And you feel that saying something more forcefully will make things uncomfortable and be rude. But here's the thing: he's already being rude, and things ...
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How do I tell my manager that his code review comment is wrong?

Be humble. I'm a bit confused here. My understanding was that feature X has property Y. Is there something I'm missing here which means this doesn't work in this case? Much better to start from ...
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How, in practice, can I hire more diversely?

Unless the job duties specifically require it then hiring someone because they are black, white, green, male, female, etc is discrimination against the other candidates who weren't your preferred ...
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Employee refuses to sit at desk with rest of team, sits in common area instead

Find the root cause, you are compelled to do that TL;DR These are warning signals. An under-performing employee, that does not want to sit close to their colleagues, and does not even dare talk about ...
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Is my workplace warning for texting my boss's private phone at night justified?

Suck it up. You were communicating negatively about a work colleague after 10 PM on a Saturday. You'd have gotten a lot worse from me if you had disturbed me at that time and it hadn't been because ...
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How to thank an employee for working extra hours without making him feel pressured

Most importantly, make it clear that you have a plan for adjusting future workloads so that he hopefully doesn't ever have to do this again. There's a danger here that you seem to have picked up on. ...
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Potential employer flew me out for interview, cancels return flight

Be sure to post to GlassDoor, etc, but be absolutely sure to post only the exact truth, with nothing opinion based which could get you sued. Do that - after you have found a lawyer; most will give a ...
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Customers take issue with employee's social media posts

Obviously you should get legal advice or at least advice from an HR consultant. I think that's what should happen first. But I think you're coming at this from the wrong side. You state repeatedly ...
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I have reason to believe that my very competent coworker is being severely underpaid - any tactful way to tell a boss?

Don't approach the boss, approach your colleague himself. You should tell him something along the lines of, "You know that if the competitor pays X you could probably ask for a similar/higher figure. ...
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I just found out that my recent promotion comes with an unexpected 24/7/365 on-call status

"today I learned it comes with 24/7/365 on-call to monitor mission critical systems. The first time I fail to fix it within 20 minutes, I will be fired" Then you have really nothing to lose. That'...
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What should you do when eye contact makes your subordinate uncomfortable?

Go take a walk around the block while you two talk. That's what we do here and it works pretty well.
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How to convince HR to let my star employee work from home?

If it was the CEO's decision to take away the work from home policy then HR is simply doing what they have been directed to do. If there is anyone that needs to be convinced it is the CEO. You can ...
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What to do with a good employee who comes late and leaves early?

How do I get her to understand that her attendance is critical but at the same time try to cater to her being a single mother? I think what you need to do is make them understand that her attendance ...
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Coworker curses under his breath as he works - should I ignore?

Is this something that isn't my business? This is not your business. Continue to wear your headphones if the occasional cursing distracts you. And let the management of your coworkers' behavior be ...
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Coworker throwing cigarettes out of a car, I criticized it and now HR is involved

While I congratulate you for standing up for your beliefs, but it seems that you've entered a rather sticky situation. Clearly, this person is a bully, and I'm sorry to say that these sort of ...
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How to respond to request to use a first name?

How to respond to request to use a first name? If the individual requested it, just use their first name. You are thinking correctly in most cases, but in this case you will be aggravating the ...
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HR trying to sabotage my wife's work because we're married

Is there something we could do? Having your wife report to you directly and sit in the same office (regardless of the size) is highly irregular in my experience and, sadly for you, a legit spot for ...
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Pre-employment background check with consent for future checks

As a European, I don't think you overreacted in the slightest! When they say "it is never abused", my reaction is "they would say that, wouldn't they?". Further, they may not abuse it now, but what ...
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My boss wants me to attend a meeting every day before work hours

Isn't the real problem here that they are asking to have work meetings, outside of work hours? We have daily scrums slightly after the day starts so that people can get drinks/etc. and then do the ...
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How can I take an interview while at a job that tries to prevent interviewing?

At my job people often will call me if I go to the bathroom or the break room. They don't need anything, they just want to make sure that I'm still at the office and that I'm not interviewing. This ...
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Why do remote US companies require working in the US?

Why do remote companies require working in the US? Those companies are likely based in the US and don't want to deal with the legal and tax complexities of having employees who live in multiple ...
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