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Offensive language/behavior from co-worker in online game

What I thought was harmless fun ended up showing me his true colors. I would think very hard about whether this really showed his true colors. You tracked him down/stalked him. Singled him out to ...
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How do I deal with an autistic employee who criticizes teammates publicly and doesn't understand the harm in doing so?

Full disclosure: I am autistic (Asperger's syndrome) and I have fought hard not to be the guy you are describing. BE BLUNT, BE DIRECT, BE FACTUAL, STAY ON POINT We have a great deal of difficulty ...
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Can I talk to my rubber duck at work?

If you want to be quiet, start describing your problem as a question on stackoverflow. There were numerous times where I started writing a question and found the solution while explaining the problem. ...
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How do I prevent colleagues from making fun of the length of my password?

You just ignore that sort of thing and eventually your colleague goes to bug someone else. Don't feed him and don't let it impact your morale; it's not important.
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Offensive language/behavior from co-worker in online game

Honestly in my opinion if he's not behaving that way at work, it's none of your (or HR's) business. I think it's as simple as that. Lots of people will curse and shout at home, but at work they put ...
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Is it ethical to use knowledge in main job for side gig?

There is no ethical dilemna here. The simple fact that experience allows you do something more efficiently has nothing to do with ethics.
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Is it inappropriate to help an employee outside of work?

I offered to let her borrow my blow up mattress until she could buy one. MY boss caught wind of our exchange and told me it was innapropriate to offer outside help because we are the bosses ...
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Fired because I was wrongfully accused but now I can prove it

Your former employer most likely used you to settle a possible court case with the person that rented the apartment. They probably did it without telling you and they probably made you sign an NDA ...
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Prospective employer asking for my current pay slip during interview

My usual answer is, "I don't ever disclose my current compensation package, but I can tell you that I need a total compensation figure of $###,000.00 to leave my current role." That statement ends ...
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How do I prevent colleagues from making fun of the length of my password?

Professionally, I'm a sysadmin. The bane of my life is users who won't take security seriously, those who treat it as a joke, as your colleague does. Many years ago, I used to have an Oracle DBA who ...
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Why would HR think it's inappropriate that I visited a coworker in the hospital?

We can not tell you what you did wrong (that sounds odd to me too), but your HR person has given you the hook you need by claiming that the employee handbook forbids it. This means you can (politely) ...
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Can I talk to my rubber duck at work?

Leave the duck at home, put on a phone headset and talk to the duck's voicemail. Fellow software engineers will understand what you're doing, sales or HR people will think you're on the phone (which ...
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How to handle interns' unprofessional behavior?

I don't think laughing it off is the proper approach. They need to learn that they are not in school anymore. That being said, I don't think you should take it too far the other way either. I would ...
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What to do after I signed a blank sheet of paper given to me by my manager?

Yes you are in danger. However, anything your manager does (like printing a new letter over the signature) is fraud, and quite the bad variety too. As she was doing what she was doing in the ...
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When (if ever) is it considered professional to yell in the workplace?

Except in cases of immediate physical danger, it is never acceptable to yell in the workplace. End of discussion. To answer your secondary questions: Is it somehow normal? Not in any company I've ...
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Might lose job and have no income due to insulting my coworker

Let me preface this by saying that I am in several "protected groups" and have dealt with workplace discrimination based on that. Including having been told that "They shouldn't be ...
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Dealing with a racist work environment

Start looking for a new job. As soon as you have found one, put in your notice and get out as fast as possible. It is very unlikely that these people will change anytime soon, and you certainly don't ...
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How to negotiate salary with an extremely unprofessional in-house recruiter?

Most likely the hiring manager told HR to bring you on board and considered the matter closed. The HR rep then got your information and approached the situation using his standard approach, which is ...
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Should I interview someone who ditched an interview before?

After graduating I had about 15 interviews at different companies. I was prepared for all of them: I knew the way, I knew what message I wanted to convey. I still ended up getting lost awfully while ...
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How to react to hostile behavior from a senior developer?

The incident you described is unethical, unprofessional, abusive and borderline harassment. Irrespective of the facts about the efficiency, technical capability, time management etc or that person's "...
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How to force disgruntled worker not to publicly disclose "GPLed code"

While I won't answer the original problem directly I wish to tackle something tangent to this. And I feel it is important enough to warrant an answer and not a comment. From a comment (and the post) ...
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Accused of racism for refusing to name room after foreign name that sounds like an offensive phrase

I would personally use both her first and her last name, and do the same for everyone else in the raffle. While not bigoted per se, refusing to treat all entrants the same is a problem in the ...
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Asking about eating policy during interview

This might be a good reason to consider remote work - that way you won't have to deal with other people working beside you. You say you don't want to appear to be the person who "causes problems", ...
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Should I apologize for being indifferent?

A simple follow-up email would be sufficient: Hey boss, just wanted to thank you again for the pay rise before Christmas, definitely came as a very welcome surprise! Happy holidays, Sirence. Even ...
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