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Co-worker works way more than he should

Maybe he simply doesn't know what else to do with his time because of a lack of social contacts. Why don't you invite him over for BBQ on one of those weekends? (If you feel like investing your ...
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Is it unprofessional to have a quiet alarm for your own finishing time?

Most people have some sort of commitment that they have to attend after work. These could be making the carpool/train everyday, picking up the kids, or a once a week activity. There is nothing ...
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What to do with a good employee who comes late and leaves early?

How do I get her to understand that her attendance is critical but at the same time try to cater to her being a single mother? I think what you need to do is make them understand that her attendance ...
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Should I clock in if computer started updating?

You should just ask your manager what you should do, as how to specifically bill your time will depend on your company policy. Of course, you should get paid for this time. You're at work, updating a ...
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How to deal with a subordinate constantly being in semi-professional chats

I would focus on her productivity, not her individual actions. If her productivity is reasonable, then let it go. It's her process of getting more done at other times. If her productivity is low, ...
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How to convince my boss that 6 days work-week is detrimental?

It sounds like saying anything will be a career limiting move at this place, but that may not be a bad thing. Many companies may ask for occasional overtime to get past short-term deadlines, but it's ...
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My boss wants me to attend a meeting every day before work hours

Isn't the real problem here that they are asking to have work meetings, outside of work hours? We have daily scrums slightly after the day starts so that people can get drinks/etc. and then do the ...
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What to do with a good employee who comes late and leaves early?

How do I get her to understand that her attendance is critical but at the same time try to cater to her being a single mother? I think this is a tough question because everything I think of comes ...
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Is it wrong to manage my time in such a way that I don't have to work past 5:00 PM?

The messages from your supervisor that you shared in your post are concerning. I would deem them to be a red flag. There is nothing wrong with not working past 5pm, especially if you perform well. If ...
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Is it possible to work more than full-time for an employer?

You can make an impact programming and learning outside of your paid work. There are many open source projects out there that are looking for talented individuals to help out. Find something that ...
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Do developer teams put fewer constraints on themselves or have they fewer constraints in terms of work hours?

The main question is why they (or anyone) should be in the office at 9:30. Do you (or the customer) need to contact the developers in the morning? Fixed schedules are mostly to make sure that people ...
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Boss is suggesting I learn the codebase in my free time

I feel that the conditions for me to develop are bad, I love programming but honestly, I'm getting yelled all the time, I didn't get no initial support and salary is way too low, so I don't really ...
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What do I do if a co-worker is leaving early frequently while the boss is out?

If I understand your question properly, this comes down to a matter of Fairness and Responsibility. Fairness "Everyone should work the same hours otherwise it isn't fair." By saying this, you are ...
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Fair treatment for employees always late due to public transport

I myself rely on public transport to get to work. I've taken several steps to mitigate the issues, hopefully they will help. Talked to my boss about the situation and worked with him to find a ...
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As a 'non-hot-drink-drinker', is it appropriate to have a break when all of my coworkers go downstairs to grab a drink?

Nonetheless, is it even appropriate to take a break while my coworkers go downstairs to grab a hot drink? Take a break when you need one. Otherwise keep working. If you want to use your phone ...
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How can I reduce the recent negative comments regarding my smoking at work?

As pointed by others, the smell is indeed unpleasant. The level of unpleasantness will vary, for example some people with asthma may experience strong discomfort. Anyway, in the interest of good ...
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Time issues with my supervisor

So me and S - who is also overloaded - have little time in common to discuss technical issues. How to convince S that I really don't like staying after-hours because he comes late - without ...
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Manager offers to let us work less without a decrease in salary. Are there any concerns with accepting this offer?

I understand why your team is circumspect about accepting this offer. However, this counter-intuitive offer from your senior management is not unprecedented. A google search for "four day work week" ...
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Employer planning on making a change that I'm prepared to quit over. How should I tell manager?

Should I tell him I'll quit or just do it without giving an explanation? Don't bother. Threatening to quit is extremely unlikely to cause the company to abandon the fingerprint scanner. And you were ...
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How do I tell my supervisor I have other engagements after my shift is over?

There's a very simple way of conveying that you have an appointment: Hey boss, I often have appointments scheduled for 6 PM. It takes me about an hour to get to them, and so I'd really like to take ...
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A way to fight back the meeting-bongo, how dangerous is this idea?

This would seem to be a language-issue, so essentially "How do I tell my boss we are spending, in my opinion, too much time in meetings?" What I would say is this: On a Friday, email Boss: ...
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Salaried Employee Being Dinged For Tardiness

Do you have a good rapport with your boss? Do you think your boss is normally reasonable and fair? If so, then you could go to her and ask why this is an issue. Hey boss, I come in early on ...
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Meeting scheduled outside of work hours for support team

If you're not being paid for these "off hours" meetings, that needs to stop immediately. Unless your support team is supporting things that are literally life-and-death situations (in which case, ...
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Employer planning on making a change that I'm prepared to quit over. How should I tell manager?

For your case, don't bother. Better to leave on good terms and get a reference. It sounds like it's not a good place to work, and you're better off finding a better job. As an aside: Nighfillers at a ...
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How can I increase focus when doing something boring?

It's perfectly natural to struggle to concentrate on something which is not mentally stimulating to you. To answer your question - no, you're certainly not the only person who struggles with this. ...
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Are there any Computer Engineering/Science jobs that don't require programming ALL day

Based on what you tell us, it seems that those jobs that expect you to code for several hours straight may be related to the Software Engineering area of CS (although 8 hours straight sounds a bit ...
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Salaried Employee Being Dinged For Tardiness

In my experience, when boss starts minute counting do the same. if your position is 8-5 - stick to it. Arrive 8am sharp You allowed 1 hours for lunch - take it, even if you use 20 minutes for food, ...
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Fair treatment for employees always late due to public transport

I manage a software development team. First question I'd be asking myself, how much does this issue really matter? I understand the desire for consistency, fairness, having rules and being punctual ...
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Is it wrong to manage my time in such a way that I don't have to work past 5:00 PM?

Like others, I don't consider your 8am-5pm schedule a problem, but a sign of good time management. The problem to solve is the relationship with the manager. How much can you observe about the manager'...
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