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Questions about the workplace that may specifically relate to cultures or customs in Australia
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Questions about someone's initial working experience. May be about discovering how things work for a new person in an organization or about internships that can also be the first role someone works.
× 97
Periods of time not accounted on a resume. Generally these may be where someone was looking for work for years, in prison, took a long vacation or did other things than work or be in school.
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Questions about immigration to another country where the document known as a visa is used to let one study or work abroad in some cases.
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Questions about talking to co-workers about non-work related materials. This can be talking on breaks, going to lunch or activities outside of working hours.
× 94
Questions relating to a monetary reward often for meeting goals or exemplary work
× 90
The rules about what clothes one can wear at the office.
× 89
Questions related to the provision of professional services, advice, or subject-matter expertise that a client pays for, either on a time-and-materials basis, or on a fixed-price, fixed-outcome basis.
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Questions about the workplace that may specifically relate to cultures, customs, or laws in France.
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Questions related to being transferred to another position/place/team within the same company.
× 83
Questions related to meeting or changing the predetermined end-point of a task or project
× 82
Questions about the legal aspects of work contract.
× 79
About jobs or work situations that involve a part-time schedule. Those are less than the time period a full-time work implies (which is usually 8 hours per day).
× 79
Requesting or offering a letter of recommendation
× 78
Questions involving more than one country as someone may be immigrating for a position.
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Pertaining to the specific challenges in entry-level jobs, coming directly from school/college and having no workplace experience yet.
× 76
Questions about company phone usage, regulations, or personal phones in the context of work.
× 76
Questions regarding behavior inside the workspace or in work-related situations and communication.
× 76
Handling rejection as a candidate or rejecting applications as a hiring manager or HR representative.
× 74
Questions relating to being employed and having a long term contract in which one must work set hours, usually daily, to complete tasks chosen by the employer.
× 73
For questions regarding disabilities, both physical and mental. I.e. how to make new co-workers aware of your disabilities.
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Questions relating to purchases that will be charged back to ones employer
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Questions relating to receiving / earning a certificate to prove ones expertise in a specific skill or area of work
× 64
Questions relating to relieving letters and other forms of proof that an employee is no longer employed by a particular company. Relieving letters are commonly used in India.
× 64
A form of payment where you receive a fixed compensation regardless of the number of hours you work. This is different than receiving compensation specifically for the hours you work.
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Questions relating to the period of time in which one is given to eat their lunch. This can include questions on communication during this time or on issues raised by particular location, or lack ther…
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Questions relating to expressing ones dissatisfaction with a situation in the work environment