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Waiting to move to a different team with no set date

I'm a junior tech worker who works at a company that works mostly with other businesses in various industries and technical setups. Since joining, I have been in the same team, which is now more than ...
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New Job Offer After Accepting A Temporary Reseach Position (New Grad)

I will graduate this May from my degree program and was recently offered a full-time role that would start in end of June. However, about a month ago I accepted a Spring & Summer 2021 research ...
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job title for my half technical half managerial job

I have B.Sc in Computer Software Engineering and because my passions were located somewhere between software engineering and industrial engineering or management science (such as Business Analysis, ...
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I have a technical interview for a spatial data analyst position - what should I expect?

The job is handling spatial data for a public health research study. I don't have any specifics about the interview other than the interviewer, who is the lead GIS analyst for this organization. I ...
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How to Create a Parser-Friendly Resume / CV in PDF or Plain Text?

I use LaTex to write my Resume and CV. For many job application sites, even though they "accept" PDF files, they will parse them and then fill in a form automatically, to be "helpful.&...
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Suggestions regarding switching Career from Low Code Developer profile to Application Developer

I have overall 7 years of experience in IT. Initially as a Fresher I was trained in Java , J2EE skills but when I got into actual project it was all C# and XSLT based programming... Since I wanted to ...
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Non-web dev jobs, especially for someone well past college age

I'm basically the target market for a lot of bootcamps: I'll be 40 this year, I don't have a CS (or any) degree, and I'd like to switch over to coding. I enjoy what programming I have done (I've got ...
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Which countries don't require employers to have a local entity to hire someone (not even an EOR)?

Which countries don't require employers to have a local entity in order to hire software engineers locally? I know you can use an Employer of Record, but which countries don't even require that. I.e. ...
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What is the easiest way to get a job in quantum computing? Are there any quantum computing hackathons

I've been applying to a lot of jobs involving quantum computing on LinkedIn now but the applications all seem to end up getting lost to the void and I haven't had even one reply from any of them. I ...
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What's wrong with this e-mail?

I'm going to send an e-mail similar to this to a stranger and am trying to increase the probability that the person on the other side will reply positively (or, ideally, send the floor plan ...