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60 votes

How can I effectively communicate to recruiters that a phone call is not possible?

32 votes

Girlfriend's salary has been cut by 20%, but she is still expected to work. Is her employer paying any of this?

31 votes

Should I be concerned about a voluntary pay cut scheme (Due to COVID-19)?

13 votes

There is a large spider above my work desk, does my employer have any obligation to get rid of it for me or move me?

13 votes

Tattoos in the workplace

10 votes

My boss wants me to say on my timesheet that I worked 8 hours a day, even if I didn't

9 votes

Can an employer use discretion for furlough?

4 votes

What benefits to give to my first employee?

4 votes

Is wearing a brim hat acceptable in the office setting?

2 votes

How to tell your boss that you don't want to use the expensive MacBook he bought you, as you are used to Linux/Windows

1 vote

Is there any value in listing your high school on your CV?