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479 votes

My manager told me I should feel comfortable about telling him if I want to leave the company. Should I tell him?

469 votes

Should I charge my client the agreed amount for the difficult tasks that I have solved by accident within few minutes?

352 votes

How do I deal with the "30 minutes remaining" problem?

278 votes

Should I reveal productivity tricks to peers, or keep them to myself in order to be more productive than the others?

254 votes

I quit, and boss offered me 3 month "grace period" where I could still come back

254 votes

Co-Worker quit today, boss is pretending it didn't happen. Is this weird?

251 votes

How can I deal with managers that refuse to accept use of common software engineering design patterns?

221 votes

Is it acceptable to do a security test on a company's open WiFi before an interview?

214 votes

Senior architect lashing out when junior developer asks questions. What to do?

199 votes

Slow coworker receiving compliments while I receive complaints

197 votes

What's the best time to arrive for an interview / meeting / appointment?

193 votes

How soon do I need to tell my future employer that I won't be able to work for them?

192 votes

How do you explain highly technical subjects in a non condescending way to senior members of a company?

189 votes

How can I work in a chauvinistic male dominated environment where the women are no better?

188 votes

How to deal with colleague who uses unintelligible colloquial/slang terms?

180 votes

As a stutterer I have been asked to move into Management

179 votes

Dealing with women (or opposite gender?) when they quote "Medical issues"

167 votes

How to react to request to look more interested in meeting?

163 votes

How do I tell my boss I've accidentally been working halftime on the wrong project for the past year?

161 votes

How do I give feedback when I know more about the topic than the presenter?

153 votes

How to proceed when remote boss doesn't answer emails?

150 votes

How do I conduct myself when dealing with a coworker who provided me with bad data and yet keeps pushing responsibility for bad results onto me?

147 votes

Panic attack in interview: Just leave or explain?

146 votes

How to politely avoid eating with a colleague

143 votes

How to deal with a client who has little idea what his employees are doing?

135 votes

Interns I'm training don't care and it affects my performance

132 votes

Is it reasonable for me to complain about an objectionable newspaper being ordered for the office?

132 votes

HR advised colleague not to notify department he is leaving

132 votes

How should I leave my position after deciding I'm not the right fit for the new company direction?

130 votes

More junior teammates don’t understand my work...and that’s my fault?

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