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4 votes

Actual working hours vs. hours spent on the premises

4 votes

What do I do if I realize I'm incapable of doing my job and will get yelled at by my family for quitting?

1 vote

How to approach protecting my code as a research assistant? Should I be worried in the first place?

8 votes

Injured outside of work and worried about performance

1 vote

Should I warn my boss I might take sick leave?

1 vote

Applying for a job with no relevant experience. What to say in the resume?

25 votes

Company threatening to call my current job after I declined their offer

13 votes

Trainee keeps missing deadlines for independent learning

17 votes

How to handle (one's own) old self-harm scars (on the arm), in a work environment?

0 votes

How to give very negative feedback gracefully?

2 votes

Feels like I am getting dragged into office politics

3 votes

How do I deal with a coworker that keeps changing the look of a report I'm building, without documenting the changes in a design template?