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66 votes

My employer is refusing to give me the pay that was advertised after an internal job move

61 votes

Intern not wearing safety equipment; how could I have handled this differently?

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What is the right approach to quit a job during probation period for a competing offer?

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Company looks for long-term employees, but I know I won't be interested in staying long

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How to deal with increasing frustration and discomfort while on notice period?

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What to do when no company is offering reasonable salary because of the past company?

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Employee’s wife drunkenly berates me (employer) during office party, how to approach employee (husband)?

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Is it wrong to justify your salary based on your colleagues' ones?

9 votes

Should one tell their boss before looking for a new position, if one feel hard to replace and underpaid?

3 votes

what to do if the boss tries to impose working from home in late nights

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Is it unprofessional to hide my current salary from hiring managers?

2 votes

My business partner does not want to participate on the business activities, how should I proceed?

2 votes

Both me and the employer are interested in my taking a job, but paperwork has an arbitration agreement; how can I negotiate to remove it?

2 votes

Being late frustrates my coworkers, but I have great results