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175 votes

I'm a leader/manager. One of my team members told me they received a better job opportunity. Should I disclose this information with my boss?

151 votes

Senior engineer requesting promotion without payraise after promotion deferred due to COVID

115 votes

Should I mention that the team culture is toxic at a retrospective?

111 votes

How to get rid of the freelancing work permanently?

110 votes

Is there a job title for someone that sets up a company's development infrastructure?

99 votes

Manager wants me to attend a virtual medical appointment at work

96 votes

Is being disliked due to making unpopular decisions expected in every management position?

94 votes

I haven't been doing my job for weeks. I don't want to lie to my boss about it or get fired. What should I do?

84 votes

I am becoming very unproductive because of working from home

83 votes

How to handle an insubordinate employee faction when I can't replace them?

80 votes

Is it appropriate to mute others in a video call

76 votes

Company pushing me to sign records about working hours while I was on vacation

74 votes

How can I deal with my colleagues making me do the grunt part of the job?

65 votes

Performance review with a manager who doesn't know me?

59 votes

Would you tell your boss that you are thinking of leaving over a lack of seniors at the company? How honest are 1 on 1s supposed to be?

55 votes

Why should people in high turnover fields like software engineering put in discretionary effort?

55 votes

Why is a voided blank check necessary to setup direct deposit if I've already provided my routing and account numbers?

53 votes

I have been invited to join a diversity team: What are the advantages and disadvantages?

47 votes

How much should I say in an exit interview?

44 votes

How do I get colleagues to stop piling work on me in my last month of work?

39 votes

How do I say "I need company stock, or I'm getting a new job"?

39 votes

What to do when you discover that the company you're about to have a job interview with recruited ex-colleagues that you can't stand?

32 votes

Coworker wrote me into fictional book

32 votes

How can I reply to a guy that came up with a rule out of his head for declining or deleting Prs

31 votes

My performance recently seems really poor, but why is everyone acting like it's OK?

30 votes

Student Team: How to deal with slackers

26 votes

Are humanities subjects useful for Computer Science jobs?

25 votes

Declined a recruiter yesterday. Got informed today that we are getting laid off. Can I go back to the recruiter?

24 votes

How to say "my boss told me to do so" without sounding childish

22 votes

How can I accommodate all team members during time limited office hours slot?

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