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After ten years of making avant-garde videos, I was inspired to change my direction entirely, and go for a big adventure in the world of mathematics! I'm currently half-way through a maths degree with the Open University, and I'm loving it!

Update 21.3.14: I was near to completing my undergraduate degree, however, I decided to go it alone for a bit, so that I have time to read other maths books, solidify what I've learned, and further explore/revisit branches which particularly interest me. I may even write a paper before I finish it, and do everything the wrong way round!

I also now work in the daytime as a programmer, harvesting data, hunting for discrepancies and errors, and fixing robots, and by night and on the weekends I study maths. It is always a challenge to see how much stuff I can get done in a small amount of time. But the ultimate challenge would be to somehow work on maths problems at the same time as my day job!

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