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299 votes

What would be an appropriate gift to a customer service rep who's helped me way beyond what I expected?

229 votes

How can I take an interview while at a job that tries to prevent interviewing?

218 votes

Is being tested by a "customer" a common or appropriate recruitment technique?

215 votes

Assigned to a buggy, failing project days before it is due

208 votes

How to force disgruntled worker not to publicly disclose "GPLed code"

190 votes

Is it unprofessional to add a Stallman-like "you won't find me on Facebook" to my resume?

167 votes

Is there a minimum number of candidates that need to be interviewed before a decision is made?

162 votes

Preventing an exodus of other employees while mass firing others? One developer holds a lot of sway?

162 votes

Why is it so acceptable for software engineers to job hop? I'm tired of constantly recruiting them

142 votes

Team members' and manager's behaviour is indifferent after I announce my intention to leave in 8 months

132 votes

Extracting work from people who are on PIPs but who we also cannot fire?

127 votes

Company is playing psychological mind games with interviewees. Is this ethical? Should I report this to someone?

125 votes

Refusing to increment productivity beyond salary raise

118 votes

Colleague I "hired" watching football - am I responsible?

102 votes

Is it normal to not be able to work 8 hours a day?

101 votes

Employer demanding money back when I resigned because of "accidental pay raise"

100 votes

17 years old - made a mistake and got fired for stealing $50 at my first job - what other job options could I have?

97 votes

Unpaid suspension due to management error

97 votes

Employees expressing job dissatisfaction in work chat, how to proceed?

93 votes

How to deal with half my colleagues overriding development processes under the slightest pressure?

92 votes

Staffing agency says I won't get paid to pick up equipment required by client. Should I push back?

89 votes

Did I lie on my resume by not mentioning I didn't complete my degree?

86 votes

How can I retain a volunteer employee frustrated for not being promoted?

81 votes

Lost a client, is our employee incompetent?

80 votes

Our top dev doesn't want new challenges

79 votes

Why are developers averse to maintaining software? They quit at the end of a project or leave if they find they are doing maintenance?

78 votes

Tracking software monitoring our activity to the minute. Expected to work 8 hours straight. What can we do?

69 votes

Is "I missed open enrollment" a reasonable explanation for why I'm leaving a job?

67 votes

Is it appropriate to say "Excel hell" on a LinkedIn profile?

64 votes

How can I retain developers when I am not given a chance to present a counter offer when they quit?

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