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145 votes

Should I accept a full time job knowing I will not be able to commit long term to it, while employer expects me to do so?

111 votes

How do you deal with a boss who assigns you work but wants you to learn the technologies in your personal time?

86 votes

My boss said that I lack "soft skills", what does this mean?

78 votes

Is a husband-and-wife executive team a red flag?

74 votes

I'm in charge of a project, but one of the directors disapproves it. How should I approach the CEO about this?

70 votes

Can the word "girl" be derogatory when used to address a well known colleague?

63 votes

Can an interviewer ask me why I'm no longer with my past employer?

62 votes

Manager trying too hard to persuade me to stay on team

57 votes

Uncomfortable in one-on-one meetings. Do I let my manager know this?

56 votes

Can I buy my company internship laptop? Will they hunt me down if I keep it?

56 votes

How to prevent stress on the job from affecting my well-being

49 votes

Big promotion offer but am I hurting my career with the title?

48 votes

Should I ask the recruiter for more details if part of job posting is unclear to me?

42 votes

How to avoid inappropriate questions during town halls?

35 votes

Do software industry employeers care that you failed a subject or two in university?

34 votes

How to disclose previous job being terminated without cause (because of high level security clearance)

33 votes

Is hugging and handshakes between colleagues in Japan as a form of greeting a faux pas?

32 votes

Verbal offer was for permanent full-time, but letter says short-term

28 votes

Is it a good salary negotiation tactic to say, "Make me an offer and I will either accept it or walk away"?

27 votes

Am I in my rights to ask a colleague to not take notes on everything I say outside a meeting?

23 votes

Not Provided with Contact Info - Should I send a Thank You Note?

23 votes

Coworker refused to help me unless I switch my software to dark mode

23 votes

Should I even show up tomorrow, after being put on a Performance Improvement Plan?

21 votes

Boss wants to terminate my wife for using crutches and making his department seem "less energetic"

21 votes

How to set boundaries regarding hours of work with colleagues who like to work late

21 votes

Cultural fit interview went pretty badly. They want me to re-do it for another team, worth it?

19 votes

How do you contact a university to ask if an employee of yours has a degree?

19 votes

My Manager is giving his wife all the good shifts

18 votes

My job booked my hotel room for me. Is it okay to ask the hotel receptionist to accommodate a specific room request?

18 votes

Should I lie about reason for resignation?

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