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103 votes

Employer planning on making a change that I'm prepared to quit over. How should I tell manager?

101 votes

How to stay relevant as programmer in long term

58 votes

Team members are afraid to engage in standup or discuss blocking issues affecting their work

52 votes

Is giving a software team "Free Fridays" for their own projects mutually beneficial?

41 votes

Company banned references, senior engineer subverting ban; should I go along with free "workaround"?

31 votes

Coworker says disgusting things so I stopped talking to him. Now he's demanding to know why I'm being quiet and not talking?

28 votes

Asked to share source code from interview task via a public repository

20 votes

Are most applicants really unable to implement FizzBuzz in an interview?

18 votes

Alienated by team manager

12 votes

Should I confront coworker over behavior

11 votes

Clarifying Gender in Email Signature

4 votes

Will I lose my job by saying I can't work certain hours?

4 votes

How should I present my work when I repeatedly run into unexpected roadblocks?

2 votes

How to keep manager happy with 1 on 1 nonsense?

2 votes

The project manager sends out the stats about the work hours, bug fix rates every month, is it typical?

2 votes

How do I get buy-in for a project which goes beyond what my colleagues were working on?

1 vote

Dealing with Boss's/ Senior Staff's family

0 votes

Transparent feedback about manager to skip-level manager