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Self-employed web developer and graphic designer. After-hours artist. Working from an old off-the-grid house in the Canary Islands.

Not doing much here any more because the Stack Overflow I wish to build and participate in is no longer supported and the company running it has started going down a path of incomprehensible, increasingly outright evil actions. They have pledged meaningful change but we'll see whether that ever materializes. (Update in early 2021: it hasn't materialized.)

Also, I have yet to see a convincing refutation of community members' educated guesses that the confidential agreement with Monica Cellio, the moderator who was unfairly terminated and publicly slandered as a bigot by Stack Overflow, doesn't actually contain some kind of payout from Stack Overflow to Monica, but instead just forces her to shut up about the issue forever under threat of a potentially ruinous countersuit, another hint that a major moral bankruptcy has occurred at this once great company.

E-Mail: first name at gmx dot de

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