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How extensive should a GitHub portfolio be for a CS student with no "real world" experience looking to secure their first internship?
4 votes

In my experience as a junior programmer, very VERY rarely does my portfolio on Github get checked out. To give you a concrete answer on how many projects you should have is perhaps more than 5. Have ...

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How to get rid of the freelancing work permanently?
3 votes

I think you should always put yourself first. Your employer comes second. If the money or the job isn't right, then you do what you want by leaving. He promises you payment which is empty because if ...

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What do they mean when they ask if I'm in a hurry to hear their decision?
2 votes

Would like to add on the answer that Seth R has provided. If you give someone a slight push to do something earlier, they're more likely to do so. If you remain passive, they'd also likely remain ...

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How not make interviewers think I am a threat
1 votes

Interviews aren't competitions, they're there to see whether you're competent for the job and also to see if you fit in with the company. Just answering their technical questions isn't enough. You ...

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Avoiding casual greetings with non team mates at office
1 votes

I often at days don't want to say hi to someone and prefer to just walk past. Best thing to do is look at the ground I guess. I am also far less likely to say hi to someone if our eye contact didn't ...

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where to find job offers of companies (EU and north America) who are ready to sponsor overseas candidates?
Accepted answer
0 votes

IT consultancies are always and always hiring. Big names like CGI, Accenture, stuff like that. You'd have to be a really great employee for them to hire you. Some local person who speaks the country's ...

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