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4 votes

Boss wants someone else to lead a project based on the idea I presented to him

27 votes

How to make sure I'm assertive enough in contact with subordinates?

1 vote

Should I code my own website from scratch or use a service as someone in tech?

57 votes

How do I handle young interviewers making snarky comments about my age?

11 votes

Handling a weak boss, regarding staffing

8 votes

Motivate coworkers to use strong passwords

1 vote

Owner of company dictates UI design over Skype, poorly

80 votes

How to deal with a senior coworker who wrote their own programming language?

0 votes

As the Interviewer, is it appropriate or OK to use a laptop to take notes on it?

19 votes

How can I get a socially awkward team, which lacks good interpersonal skills, communicating more effectively?

2 votes

other staff all talking their first language

1 vote

Listing contract position on resume

187 votes

Is staying in the first job for a long time (>2 yrs) a bad thing?

1 vote

How to handle a coworker who feels rejected

8 votes

Feel lost at new job. How do I tell my manager?

9 votes

Asking for a (level) demotion?

6 votes

How to handle an over-talkative interviewer?

123 votes

Does a one-line email response from a job seeker show a lack of interest?

2 votes

How to include OpenSource skill in agency resume format?

106 votes

How to deal with a co-worker who assumes "unofficial" ownership of a project?