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Unable to focus on programming around 3-4 PM every day. How can I fix this?

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Revengeful employer as a reference for a new job

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Should I tell my employer about being a freelancer outside my regular working hours?

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Small business, dysfunctional and overloaded; how to convince cultural change?

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Owning the "double-dipping" scenario

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New at a job and it feels like everything is too fast, should I tell my boss?

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How could I better filter out job candidates who are trying to “extort” a better salary from their current employer

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Data Analyst new role - culture shock at new place

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How should I update my LinkedIn acct, that I haven't used in years, that I'm no longer with my last employer, and looking for work?

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How to tell coworker in polite way to briefly describe things I need to learn instead of elaborating?

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How can a software developer absorb details from day to day work?

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Is there a polite way to cut off someone who is long winded and rambles?

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Being a solo Junior Developer. Any advice?

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How to help a dev, who is otherwise good, improve the speed at which they work?

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How to work remotely for US companies as a foreigner

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Having strongly negative emotions after interview - am I overreacting?

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A past long-term client reached out from out of the blue with a full-time, salaried job offer one week after I started a new job

-5 votes

Employee has made really slow progress