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What should I consider before wearing Google Glass to a job interview when I do development for them?
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45 votes

I would not. I would not worry about privacy issues, but about attention that you will call to yourself. And that has two sides: If you caused a good impression, this will make it even better: ...

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Is it unprofessional to fully speak your mind on job satisfaction with your boss or manager?
24 votes

TL;DR answer: No, it won't be unprofessional. Every professional is supposed to provide feedback (at least here, my company trained us to provide feedback every 6 months, for instance). It's part of ...

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How to discuss salary in e-mail?
3 votes

First of all: If you ask politely, there is no harm. But i think you should really not ask this by a e-mail. I would have asked that in the interview. Interviews are two-way, the company is getting ...

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Can not replying to an email be the appropriate professional response?
2 votes

You asked: "The question is - is not replying to emails an effective, and professional manner of communicating in the workplace?" Throw me a stone, but i think it's not effective. Here is why. ...

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When should I use a functional CV/resume?
2 votes

This is not a point of view: I participate on a lot of interviews and selection process, but i worked for the gaming industry. So it may be a lot different from common software development companies, ...

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How to prove oneself if company tends to reward Harvard/Princeton/etc graduates rather than performance?
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"maybe based on expectations about their future performance and contribution to the company" There. You answered it all yourself. It's also really good for company image that they are recruiting ...

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