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422 votes

How to stop a coworker from constantly nagging about joining his "initiative"

317 votes

Manager wants to hire me; HR does not. How to proceed?

229 votes

My management blocked my internal transfer, but now I have an outside offer. Should I tell them?

190 votes

Is the term "man hours" appropriate for the workplace, and if not, how do I get my coworkers to use a more neutral term?

145 votes

How do I deal with a team member who regularly makes breaking changes?

138 votes

How to force disgruntled worker not to publicly disclose "GPLed code"

109 votes

Fired for a policy I didn't know about, as well as another false reason

99 votes

Is this fraud? And if so, to what extent am I responsible?

67 votes

How to deal with the rumours of my boss stealing money?

66 votes

Employer says they want Quality & Quantity, but only pays bonuses based on the latter

57 votes

Why would I sign a confidentiality agreement after reporting an issue to HR?

46 votes

Automating my jobs

38 votes

Approving claims although subordinate didn't drive

37 votes

What is the best course of action if the Head of HR is making unsubstantiated and false accusations?

36 votes

Client is not paying on time, swears on call

35 votes

Prospective employer "begging" me for a second chance

29 votes

20 years ago, a colleague said I should have treated a female employee differently due to the difficulties of working in a male-dominated industry

29 votes

Should I complain to HR about being mocked for request I made

26 votes

Constantly pulled onto different tasks/projects, becoming exhausted

24 votes

Dealing with someone who sits opposite me who is a domestic violence perpetrator

24 votes

Should I reconsider job offer after redundancy

22 votes

How to respond to unprofessional email

18 votes

Can my former employer sue me if I don't give them the photos I took (taking pictures was not part of my job description)?

18 votes

Putting in 2 weeks notice, but if I leave there is no replacement; how to address this?

17 votes

What to do when I'm being blackmailed by an ex

17 votes

My boss wants me to text him two hours before my shift starts, what are my options?

16 votes

Is it ok to record my colleagues around my workplace?

15 votes

One partner wants the LLC in his name only

14 votes

Software created automated someone out of a job -- the software has a kill switch. How will this play out?

14 votes

How to interview for a job I do not feel qualified for

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