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201 votes

How should I respond to absurd observations from customers during software product demos?

35 votes

How to respond to, "How long will this take?" when in a new job position

19 votes

Why is compensation so much higher in the US than in Western Europe on average?

11 votes

Should I tell my boss I'm leaving because of them?

11 votes

How do I prevent a client from bleeding me dry with small questions and tasks they expect to receive for free?

10 votes

Headphone use has been banned, how should I challenge this?

9 votes

Workplace sexism against men vs sexism against women

3 votes

How, in practice, can I hire more diversely?

2 votes

My tasks at work have turned away from what I applied to. How do I get back on track?

2 votes

I have been asked to complete a project without any concrete specifications

1 vote

Should I be concerned about a voluntary pay cut scheme (Due to COVID-19)?

0 votes

Is giving a software team "Free Fridays" for their own projects mutually beneficial?

-1 votes

If I did a good job delegating all my work to a team I built, and there is no work left, am I redundant?