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Shawn Eary
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I'm having serious family problems but I still like to write code, compose music, play video games and ride my bicycle. Occasionally, I race in CAT 4 USAC. I would like to maybe do a full IronMan (assuming my health holds up) but I'm not sure I want to invest that much time, money and training.

My favorite language is Haskell, but I am a beginner. I also like unmanaged C++, and managed F# and C#. I don't care much at all for scripting languages since I shoot myself in the foot too much when I use them.

I'm seriously hoping my family problems will end soon, but right now, I'm a "darker place" than any cyclist on Sufferfest has ever been. I'm also a GCN fan, but those of you that are cyclists might have already figured that out 😀.

Lastly, I strongly believe education and research can help liberate society and assist us all in getting along better. I just continue to hope that such academic pursuits remain respectful of the beliefs of others.

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