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0 votes

References from the place I am leaving

81 votes

What month and year should I write in my cv for a job from which I was fired just after a long vacation?

1 vote

How do I communicate to my boss that meeting scope creep is out of control?

10 votes

Do I owe my company "fair warning" about issues that won't be solved, before giving notice?

2 votes

I was asked to train new hire on my job - is this eventual replacement?

7 votes

How to convince management that not all software tools should be internally made?

47 votes

How to handle accountability for mistakes in a team as a manager?

11 votes

The consultancy company that offered me a job has delayed my start date twice (by a total of 12 weeks so far)

1 vote

Why spend money on improving a product, if the customer is willing to pay the same for a worse product

1 vote

Converting salaries from Ireland to UK

1 vote

How do I deal with a colleague who wants to talk to me?

7 votes

Is it a good salary negotiation tactic to say, "Make me an offer and I will either accept it or walk away"?

9 votes

Anxious about daily stand-up meetings