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60 votes

Should I point out my personal fears and flaws when giving interview feedback?

40 votes

My workmate wants me to teach her art but I would prefer to maintain a work-only boundary

27 votes

Very poor communication by most of my colleagues

17 votes

Should I complain to my manager about a chronic complainer?

10 votes

Coworker not giving me tasks despite many follow-ups

8 votes

How to approach getting permission to remote work outside the US as a programmer for a US based company/staffing company?

6 votes

How to network with senior managers within the company?

5 votes

What is a good way to approach a situation where my colleague never requests my code reviews?

4 votes

Can you apply to internships that ask you when you are expected to graduate even though you graduated?

4 votes

How to answer "Why wouldn't you return to your old company"?

2 votes

Get paid through Payoneer or through crypto? what advice can you give?

2 votes

How do I explain to my boss that his preferred software tool has serious bugs?

1 vote

"Design and system-related aspects" on a project?

1 vote

Dealing with mean or racist remark from a colleague

0 votes

Multiple jobs in EU