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Layoffs are coming at my company. I want to volunteer instead of a co-worker. Problem is, I am not supposed to know

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Should I report a leak of confidential HR information?

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Employer reneged on negotiated clauses that weren't part of agreed contract, citing budget cuts - what can I do?

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Does my company own my phone number?

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Star developer didn’t get a promotion because he isn’t a people person, so he has scaled back his contributions. How can I motivate him?

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How does "unlimited holidays" work in practice?

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Wrongfully accused of lending my security badge to another employee

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How to politely say "I don't want to work for someone from XY country"?

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How to convince interviewers you have not forgotten how to do your job after a long break?

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Putting tools you use (but can't configure) on resume?

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Spilled coffee on coworker's book, buy a new one or apologize

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Company pushing me to sign records about working hours while I was on vacation

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Renegotiating a start date on request of current employer (after contract signed)?

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Should I report a coworker that keeps coming onto me after I've rejected him?

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Dealing with a co-worker who is a shameless careerist? He is deliberately bad at things that don't add value to his resume

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Should I sign a NDA that holds me liable for legal fees even if I am in the right?

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Is it unusual for an employee to be denied knowledge of where the company's funding comes from?

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Is it normal for an employment contract to involve signing over prior intellectual property?

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Interpreting a negative self-evaluation of a high performer

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Employer telling colleagues I'm "sabotaging teams" when I resigned: how to address colleagues before I leave?

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Gave a bad feedback to an employee on an appraisal and my manager has basically demoted me

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Lost my temper with an underperforming employee and he quit

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Bullied via Zoom

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How to avoid previous employer who is nagging me to do their job?

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Strange job interview -- What were they really looking for?

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How can I warn another team that the boss is going to call them out?

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Can I leave in the middle of a project? (programmer)

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"Offensive" bumper sticker on car

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How can I stop harassment about my medical condition by the boss's friend?

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Discovered that my new job has cameras in the restrooms

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