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166 votes

Interview was just a one hour panel. Got an offer the next day; do I accept or is this a red flag?

145 votes

Rejecting an offer after accepting it just 10 days from date of joining

131 votes

Do I really need to stay the full 2 weeks' notice?

117 votes

Pornography In The Workplace

79 votes

Raised concerns about a security vulnerability to various managers, for more than a year, with no results. Should I mention it to external auditors?

65 votes

How can I deal with senior colleagues constantly getting my name wrong?

61 votes

A temp agency is asking me to release all my medical records. Should I be suspicious?

48 votes

Is there a way to effectively incentivize preparation, prevention, and risk mitigation rather than heroic action afterward?

44 votes

Software developer work day productivity: Is there an ideal code editor usage percentage?

42 votes

Just found I was supposed to be working on a completely different project since 8 months ago. How can I handle this?

37 votes

Do I need to be honest with a client even if it would show my incompetence?

36 votes

Giving my employer two year's notice

35 votes

Haven't been paid for last month, is it ok to stop working?

34 votes

How to deal with a cold in the workspace

33 votes

Is there a simple, non-offensive way to flag "bike-shedding"?

33 votes

How to leave job when worrying the employer would be sued?

33 votes

How can I politely ask a recruiter of a start-up firm about on-time salary?

32 votes

How do I approach my employer about purchasing a canceled project?

32 votes

How to deal with a team member who tries emotional blackmail on us?

31 votes

I've decided to leave my job entirely over ergonomic reasons. How honest should I be at the exit interview?

29 votes

Approaching a staff member who has repeatedly submitted falsified claims

28 votes

What is the impact on health of travelling internationally for 50-70% of the time?

27 votes

I feel unqualified for my job - what is the right thing to do?

27 votes

How can I recommend that a colleague be excluded from my team?

26 votes

How do I say "I need company stock, or I'm getting a new job"?

26 votes

How do I get my coworkers to use my name and not a non-name they're fond of?

26 votes

When should a company hire developers versus outsourcing them?

25 votes

When a company is asking to trade off salary for a long-term benefits, is that a correct approach?

24 votes

What to do if you discover your team is not responsible for what you were hired for

23 votes

How can we increase spontaneous conversations when working from home and using instant messaging?

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