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1 vote

Using vacation days before leaving a company

7 votes

How do you counter the argument that "Arrogance isn't a blocker"?

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Am I entitled to the salary in the job advert

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What's the best way to part ways after a month at a company and will leaving affect future employment?

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What should I do with my perverted and gloomy colleague?

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Negotiating a bonus

0 votes

How to tell your team you are quitting?

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What factors should I consider when a candidate asks to do a "phone screen" in person?

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When is it appropriate to sign letters, emails, website bios, etc. with MS (Master of Science)?

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Should I list skills on my résumé if I have no interest in using them again?

2 votes

When should non-work related items, such as being on a Television program be shown on a resumé?

13 votes

How can I professionally offer to accept a previous wage after they rejected my proposed counter-offer?