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Response's 'respectfulness'/etiquette for an email that does not ask for a reply
Accepted answer
4 votes

1) Is it ever OK to just not respond? Depends. I would err on the side of caution and send a response if I have any reason at all to believe one is required. If you receive it from the same ...

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Poor performance review/I'm not a good fit
0 votes

You state the job is not what you expected and sound unhappy about it. I advise starting to look for a new job. •Accept the position you are in and cooperate in as friendly a manner as you can. You do ...

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How should I tell a coworker that his headphones are too loud?
-2 votes

Should I share my concerns with my co-worker? If you want to then do so. I suspect you want to, otherwise you wouldn't have made this question. Which is more likely, someone would be thankful or ...

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Is it a good idea to be the birthday organizer?
-6 votes

I believe you are under the influence of a misconception because you are hesitant of doing something considered feminine. I'm serious. It's kind of self directed discrimination. While it may be true ...

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