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How to convince my boss that 6 days work-week is detrimental?

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Coworker has a borderline-NSFW ringtone that is disturbing. How can I get him to change it?

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Interviewing spouse of a fired employee

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Will listing my major GPA instead of my cumulative GPA on my resume cause problems?

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As a developer, how can I ask for more freedom when confronted with a tight IT security policy?

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How to ask about work samples being requested that don't seem relevant to the job applied for?

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How to feel welcome in an all-male software developer environment

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When Interviewing, How Do I properly Ask if the Position has Internal Applicants

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How can we convince the programming department to quiet down

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Customers take issue with employee's social media posts

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For future employers, how/when should I bring up not wanting to work unpaid overtime?

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Can a small employer ask me about medical conditions before hiring me?

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Company still interviewing people three weeks after my interview

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Firing an incompetent subordinate in the relatively far future: when to tell him?

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New company gave me a job offer, but doesn't want the contract signed until my first day. Should I be worried?

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Leaving toxic workplace

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Degree in one area, applying for a job in another

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Should I wait for an offer letter?

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What do you do if you're not a good programmer?