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549 votes

Is it rude to leave an interview early if you have already made your decision?

281 votes

Dealing with reactions from colleague about being self-taught

142 votes

How can I filter out software engineering jobs where I'll be asked to write algorithms in the interview?

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How much should I be doing as the Junior Developer?

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My management blocked my internal transfer, but now I have an outside offer. Should I tell them?

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How can you fix someone else's work without seeming pretentious, mean, or arrogant?

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Is there a minimum number of candidates that need to be interviewed before a decision is made?

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How can I stop getting fired? I have been fired 5 times

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Employees expressing job dissatisfaction in work chat, how to proceed?

43 votes

My co-worker withholds information about his systems and blames me for "bugs" which aren't my fault

40 votes

My colleague is sabotaging my reputation so the friend I replaced can be hired back

38 votes

My manager always seems too busy to meet with me. How can I improve that?

35 votes

How can I determine if it is unprofessional to play games during lunch hours?

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How do your busiest people transfer their knowledge?

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How can I encourage our team to have shorter stand-up meetings?

25 votes

What is the appropriate way to deal with "meeting overload?"

25 votes

How to work with a technician hired with a grant who argues everything

25 votes

How can I highlight how much better I've made our code and deal with a coworker that disagrees?

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How to deal with a younger coworker who is too reliant on online sources

24 votes

Is it a good idea to put dislikes similar to those in SO Careers profiles in your resume? If so, why?

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How to approach coworker who has cancer, if I'm not supposed to know?

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How can I tell, during an interview, that my potential boss is a poor communicator?

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How can I talk to my boss one-on-one with confidence?

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How can I measure motivation in an interview?

18 votes

How do I get noticed at work?

16 votes

Is it out of line to ask for a raise to make up for a tax increase?

16 votes

What is the best way of dealing with a work colleague who triggers my anxiety?

16 votes

Can I give "my colleagues weren't motivated" as a reason for leaving a company?

16 votes

How should I deal with an invitation to take an interview coding test again, which I took in the past with the same company?

15 votes

Denied a raise, and now I have no motivation

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