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26 votes

Prospective employer asking for my current pay slip during interview

22 votes

If HR and Management are NOT your friend, Who is?

17 votes

Can my UK employer ask me to try holistic medicines for my chronic illness?

17 votes

Might lose job and have no income due to insulting my coworker

11 votes

How do I deal with an autistic employee who criticizes teammates publicly and doesn't understand the harm in doing so?

10 votes

How should I deal with an employee who has slept with my wife?

8 votes

My interviewer has a serious legal offense charge, and I'm not sure the company knows. What should I do?

4 votes

My co-worker is secretly taking pictures of me

3 votes

Told it's "my responsibility" to find coverage for shifts scheduled during previously-approved vacation time

1 vote

Verbal offer was for permanent full-time, but letter says short-term

1 vote

My employer is demanding that I change my lifestyle

1 vote

Depression and on final warning for tardiness

1 vote

When is it acceptable to share personal information I have about a coworker who disappeared?

1 vote

Does diversity provide anything that meritocracy does not?

0 votes

Can I ask the recruiters in my resume to put the reason why I am rejected?