Did everything from janitor, public relations, to nationally published freelance photographer. I am now on disability, way below the poverty line.

interests: world events and cultures, social democracy(e.g.Norway), white and blue collar working problems due to this inhumane and crazy survival of the fittest type of capitalism we live under. IDM, some hard techno(even though i am a digital idiot) ambient, classical, some classic rock and rock and roll, "elevator", Arab, Armenian, and other types of music. As an american who is in late middle age I have had pretty much had it with american folk music and rock quitar, still love Hendrix and Cream from 60's though. Don't know much about nature but i love just looking at the sky, walking through the woods, laying in somer farmers field. I also like the urban environment too. But in the US except for NYC every city closes at 6pm except for drinking establishments(getting drunk has become a drag, stopped ten or so years ago). Toronto on Young Street is pretty cool. All sorts of small stores and night spots open all night and lots of cool things to do on the street for free.

I am pretty much a leftist only because the balance is so out of whack. Being a political centrist now is really being neo-conservative republican. A mixed balanced private/public economy is what we need to avert a true depression which will be much worse than the one in 1929. Interested in worker directed enterprize and co-ops. Economics is not a natural science. If we were allowed to chose our economic scheme i think most would chose one that closes the wealth gap. And economic systems are about choosing one, not falsely convincing ourselves that "it's just the way it is", like the weather.

The only way we can restore the US republic is dismantle the empire and making stricter business laws that put bankers in jail rather than just slapping them on the wrist with a fine, when they commit crime. Stop the war on drugs, stop the wars on everything. All the money we spent for wars for oil or god knows what could have been put into a national health service. e.g. France has a medical system that even the wealthy are happy to put their fare share into. It is just as advanced as the US system but a quarter the cost. No useless bureacracy either.

It is a contradiction that I am an introvert but also am a democratic socialist. But so have others been.

Forget psychiatry, the idiots will either addict you or torture you with pills. We have problems because others around us make life a problem and so do those who have shaped our dog eat dog socio-economic system. Find good people, it takes a little work but you may find someone in your own neighborhood is sympathetic and will help you feel better again. a circle of close friends is better than depending on only one good friend. Males: don't ever have prostate surgery. peace, love, joy to all

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