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Bonus calculation: Am I making a mountain out of a molehill?
24 votes

Your supervisor is not following the official rules because they realize those rules are shit going to hurt good people. Consider. Top brass realized this, and this year changed the rules, with ...

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growing conflicts due to inappropriate/sexual jokes at work
4 votes

Women are typically given more trouble in the software job world than their male counterparts. This is common, but it has never been right. Your question underlines this perfectly. Jeff Atwood (...

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How to deal with a company that wants to pay you with items instead of money?
3 votes

The provided answers do have good advice, but I think there is one more possibility worth considering. If a company can't pay the people who do work for it, that can be a sign the company is going to ...

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Is it better to invest energy in curating an online resume (LinkedIn, StackOverflow Careers) or a Word document?
0 votes

I'd recommend keeping at least one online CV (LinkedIn, SO Careers, etc) up to date, and use it to generate your printed CV whenever you need one. For example, I keep my SO Careers page current. ...

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