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119 votes

Coworker made unsolicited comments about appearance, how should I handle it?

104 votes

How to diplomatically tell coworker to back off?

60 votes

Co-worker always asks me to do small things when they aren't my responsibility

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What do you put for company location on a resume/job application in this scenario?

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Do I have the right to limit a background check?

44 votes

Coworker posted private chat message in a public group

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How to avoid previous employer who is nagging me to do their job?

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Manager refused providing a company phone to employee who is frequently working on-call

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Interpreting a negative self-evaluation of a high performer

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I think I've received an unofficial demotion, how should I raise my concerns?

20 votes

How to avoid volunteering for work on extra tasks

17 votes

CTO acts as Individual Contributor (IC), ignoring wider team

17 votes

Manager has enough members for the project , but is relying completely on me and not assigning any work to the other person

15 votes

Is it unethical not to disclose a reduction in travel cost due to delays when getting reimbursed for business trip?

14 votes

What should I do when coworkers are assigned to projects they are not competent to carry out?

13 votes

Is it 'easier' to get a job when you already have one?

11 votes

How to deal with an employee who ignores you

9 votes

Started new role in company, coworker believes they are my boss but they are not

7 votes

Is it appropriate to voice concerns over the Qatar world cup when colleague asks people to join betting pool?

7 votes

How to politely ask an employee to avoid *personal* texting during meetings?

6 votes

What are the circumstances when "ignoring company politics" is actually good advice?

4 votes

How to make good money with software

4 votes

Decision avoidance: how to counteract?

4 votes

Invited to give talk, but want to refuse

2 votes

How to communicate effectively with an impatient person

2 votes

How can I get a new developer to significantly improve their code?

2 votes

How to deal with my manager that is changing my work without giving me a chance to correct it?

0 votes

How to take ownership to solve an issue when managers focus on pinpointing person to blame and punish?