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191 votes

My manager wants regular one-on-one meetings: is this bad?

184 votes

Consequences for leaving an easter egg in code?

178 votes

How can I politely turn down the exit interview?

125 votes

Is it rude or cocky to request different interviewers?

118 votes

Addressing my weight as a job seeker

115 votes

Should I tell on my colleague for not keeping to assigned work-hours and abusing work-hours as break time?

87 votes

What to do when different project managers insisting that I must work on their requests immediately?

84 votes

Is this staged interview/probationary hire process a good idea?

78 votes

Is there a professional way to refuse a time-consuming programming task given as a test for a job?

77 votes

Should you reply to every email that directs work to you (even if not your boss)?

76 votes

Signed a contract and received another offer

73 votes

I just found out that I am the lowest paid on my team. How do I negotiate a raise without revealing this knowledge?

71 votes

How to respond to "this MUST be done" when I don't know how to do "this"?

68 votes

Programmers who are highly recommended, but cannot handle paper test programming question

67 votes

If I did a good job delegating all my work to a team I built, and there is no work left, am I redundant?

64 votes

Is it ok to jump from job to job until I find one that I really like?

60 votes

Why is giving two weeks notice a professionalism issue (and not a contract issue)?

59 votes

Is it reasonable to quiz the interviewer during technical interviews?

59 votes

If my employer is planning a big project around me, should I tell them I'm looking for a new job?

59 votes

What should I do if I think I'll fail a drug test?

55 votes

Is it inappropriate to spend personal resources for the company's benefit?

53 votes

Interviewer reaction to question at end of interview

52 votes

How do I advise my boss about my colleague's work, which I don't believe is useful for the company

48 votes

How do I bring up non-negotiables with a hiring team?

46 votes

How do I address both being overqualified, and unable to perform at past levels?

46 votes

How can I stop getting fired? I have been fired 5 times

44 votes

Former employer told me they will not look at my job application

44 votes

What is the difference between a resume and a CV?

42 votes

I resigned. Should I leave despite promises of reform?

41 votes

I suspect my coworker is trying to take revenge. How do my career and I survive an extra few weeks of working together?

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