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Just got an initial job offer. How do I ask for more without any real justification?
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110 votes

Always, always, always ask for more. It makes them respect you and you're likely to get it. In your specific case, I'd ask for $10K more plus a $2000 starting bonus. Here's how I'd phrase it (or ...

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How can I find out from an interview if the manager is a micromanager?
40 votes

Here are a couple questions: "Can you describe a project where someone reporting to you did particularly well on a project? How did you help them be successful?" If the manager responds that he ...

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A coworker gave our boss a very big gift. What do I do?
8 votes

In the long run organizations generally value contribution more than anything else. When it comes time for reviews, assigning big projects, promotions, etc., only poor managers make decisions on ...

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Signing pre-interview agreement with a 3rd party recruiting/staffing company
1 votes

In general, I would recommend that you don't trust recruiters if you haven't worked with them in the past. I've worked with them for over 10 years and can tell you at least 3 times I was outright lied ...

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