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How to catch up with people my age in terms of career?
145 votes

You will probably get answers telling you there is no need to catch up, which may be a valid point. However you are specifically asking to catch up so I will try to help. I took awhile to graduate ...

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Getting salary information from recruiter
Accepted answer
8 votes

I don't bother with most recruiters but it helps to have a feeling for what you're worth. If a position interests me, I often respond with: "Thanks for contacting me. The position looks interesting ...

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Is it wrong to ask for a raise early, if I believe my contributions have been major?
5 votes

No, it's not "wrong" morally. It could potentially leave some employers feeling like you think you are entitled. Some employers might respect your initiative and boldness. It's just a matter of ...

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Gaps on CV on Linkedin
3 votes

Nobody can give you a definitive answer as to how prospective employers will react to this, as it is up to their own personal preferences. So, in my opinion, as an employer I would not be worried ...

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Do I have job options now?
2 votes

Of course you still have options but you're going to have to start at the bottom to prove you are reliable. Get a job working at a gas station, in the kitchen of a restaurant washing dishes, or some ...

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Leave or ask for more money
1 votes

Wait for my line manager to realize that I should be paid more or simply quit? Why are these the only two options? You can ask for a raise without threatening to quit. Simply have a conversation ...

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