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Is it ethical to include opinion based code comments for future developers?
16 votes

When ever I was in the situation of taking something over being left alone with doc's and comments about the production-code and had no one to hit up, I would have loved to find opinion based hints. ...

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How to deal with a nit-picky coworker
6 votes

I feel like having to add my 5pens aswell. Since from your description I feel like I absolutely could be that guy, I'll first tell you what I'm assuming is wrong with your approach, and additional I'...

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Badly designed reimbursement form. What does that say about the company?
1 votes

I am not going into the aspect top rated answers have already mentioned, as I totally agree with it. I just want to add: You say I am interviewing for a position at a huge multinational company ...

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Is it okay to use open source code to do an interview task?
0 votes

Adding to what has been said so far by others that I totally agree with, I would like to point out here that most open source licenses have an attribution clause and/or require you to keep the license ...

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