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128 votes

Some coworkers are committing to work overtime for a 1% bonus. How can I best opt out of this?

103 votes

I have been invited for a post-interview chat about a position for which I am not selected. Should I still attend?

63 votes

Employer asking us to move items that are approximately 1000 lbs (450 kg) each. How can I address this issue properly so that no one gets hurt?

42 votes

How do I overcome an unsatisfactory background check?

41 votes

Is it appropriate to speak up for a team member who can't drink due to addiction recovery when a company event is being planned?

35 votes

How should I tell front-end to stop passing bugs to back-end by default?

33 votes

Trouble understanding the speech of overseas colleagues

32 votes

How can a cybersecurity team mitigate internal customer complaints that real time user training is too intrusive?

31 votes

Does my company own my phone number?

24 votes

How should I deal with "online" status competition at work?

20 votes

(Would be) teammate called me privately to tell me he does not wish to work with me

18 votes

As a stutterer I have been asked to move into Management

17 votes

California employee being misclassified as a contractor, what can I do about it?

15 votes

Severance contract requires a lie. Is this enforceable?

11 votes

Alternative metrics for software development?

10 votes

Is there a minimum number of candidates that need to be interviewed before a decision is made?

10 votes

How can I politely be added to a company's recruiting blacklist?

10 votes

How to talk about depression in interviews

9 votes

Is it normal to have so much red tape in reporting bugs?

8 votes

Official warning by a manager for how I spend my vacations: escalate or ignore?

8 votes

How do I look more like I'm on a call when I'm sitting at my desk

8 votes

Thinking about rejoining the workforce... how do I reference a company that no longer exists on a resume?

8 votes

How to deal with colleague enrolling my email to mailing lists instead of his own

7 votes

Is it legal for an employer in California to ask for another form of ID when you already provided ID from List A (passport) for Form I-9?

7 votes

How can I explain why I'm using just audio in video conferencing, without revealing the real reason?

6 votes

What is the rationale of not offering an existing employee a salary as large as the one offered to a new one?

6 votes

How can I get the same exemptions from company policy as my co-worker without causing them trouble?

5 votes

How do I provide clear goals for a PIP when the developer's mistakes are ambiguous and varied?

5 votes

Called into a meeting and told we are being made redundant (laid off) and "not to share outside". Can I tell my partner?

5 votes

What are the downsides of getting fired with severance instead of quitting?