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33 votes

Manager wants to reduce my hours so I don't work with a coworker I'm not getting along with. Not sure if I should agree

22 votes

Training instructor always says "google it"

19 votes

Company year end party - taking along my personal laptop to do some personal work

18 votes

Can I spend 100% of my paid time with pet projects if there is nothing to do?

17 votes

Team lead often directs question to coworker with less knowledge than me

12 votes

Are there any illegal job interview questions in Switzerland?

9 votes

When is it OK to play a prank this April Fool's day?

8 votes

How to prevent apathy and corner cutting when nothing happens so people feel secure?

6 votes

Shoud I celebrate finishing Probationary Period (Probezeit)

5 votes

Reimbursed travel expenses to interview- shorter distance than what the company thinks

4 votes

How can you stop cutlery disappearing from the workplace?

3 votes

Bored at work - what's next?

3 votes

Feedback to manager

3 votes

Remote Offer: Freelancer Contract with Benefits

-1 votes

How can I communicate my desire to leave my relative's company, yesterday?