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How to make sure I'm assertive enough in contact with subordinates?
10 votes

You don't need to be "bossy", but you certainly need to inform that employee of a few things: Such behavior is a major signal to the client that your business doesn't know what it's doing. You will ...

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As a contractor, how do I ask my employer for a new laptop?
8 votes

If you're writing Haskell and you're not making enough to cover living expenses and a new laptop, you are being severely ripped off. I would approach whoever is paying you and explain that your laptop ...

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Should I end contact with a employment agency if I have a tentative offer from the same target company?
Accepted answer
4 votes

You should not cancel contact with the employment agency until you have accepted the Company's written offer and passed background and credit checks (if they do them). Never cut off a potential ...

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Called into a meeting and told we are being made redundant (laid off) and "not to share outside". Can I tell my partner?
1 votes

Unless you are in a very special situation (specific employment contract, maybe national security), yes, of course you can tell your intimate partner (with their assurance that they do not tell ANYONE ...

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The need of reserving one's ability in job interviews
1 votes

I would suggest not trying to guess what the interviewers want to see (i.e., whether they want to hire someone with more/less knowledge than themselves). Be yourself. If your knowledge and personality ...

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