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Customer of my employer wants DOB, last 4 digits of SSN, state of residence, and full name. OK?
97 votes

I was asked the exact same thing many years ago and here is how I handled it. Actually, I was asked for the full social. They asked for the information for me and my small staff. The request came ...

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Still getting paid after leaving the company? Do I have to give the money back?
9 votes

This is no-brainer. Tell them. It is not your gf's money so she needs to return it. Her integrity is much more important than some unearned money. I was in the same situation after a group of ...

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Client doesn't want to pay a project because I used a code generator
8 votes

Keep it short and honest.... The price I quoted included using the code generator. Had I not used the code generator I would have had to charge more for the project. If there is something not ...

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Is it unethical to receive help during a remote interview task?
5 votes

Send them both. Then tell them you had a code review done by colleague that knew the subject and implemented his/her suggestions.

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Is it acceptable to have an offensive password?
4 votes

Here is a second hand story that should convince you not to have a offensive password.... A senior staff member of a company was on a screen sharing meeting demoing a project. During the course of ...

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Is it reasonable for my employer to make me use unpaid time off to drive back after a work conference?
2 votes

In my 30 years I have seen: No pay for travel time but if you work while traveling you get paid for the work. No pay for travel time but while traveling at the client site we got crazy hours in so we ...

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