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290 votes

What do I do if a job that was (mis-)sold to me as work-from-home, later changed, on day one, to working on-site, everyday?

262 votes

Got offer letter, submitted documents but didn't join, now they are asking for money to return my documents?

233 votes

What benefits are there in signing a non-compete after resigning, with no formal contract of employment?

226 votes

How do we recruit junior software developers in an age where everybody studies for the interview?

219 votes

Asking about eating policy during interview

195 votes

What would be the downsides of having a “you break it, you fix it” policy in the dev team with the goal of reducing bugs?

155 votes

When giving feedback to interviewers, should I be honest?

123 votes

Dealing with hostile interviewer - explaining why I left previous job due to bullying

121 votes

How to deal with a boss that doesn't like you to take time off?

98 votes

How to deal with a colleague who's taking all the nice/important tasks

94 votes

How to deal with a colleague who is being aggressive?

86 votes

How to attract people to work on very old and outdated technologies?

79 votes

Is it ok for me to spend all day working for a prospective employer as part of the interview process?

78 votes

Soon-to-be-ex-employer trying to force me to disclose name of new employer

69 votes

CEO is pressing me regarding decisions made by my former manager whom he fired

66 votes

How to come out gay without jeopardising relationships with colleagues?

61 votes

Employer asks me to sign document after resigning

61 votes

Politely avoid/decline handshake due to arthritis and maintaining privacy regarding a medical condition

59 votes

My boss wants me to be available during my vacation abroad

55 votes

Got invited to apply for a job for which I don't qualify. How should I take this?

51 votes

How to make a diabetic coworker feel included when I bring in cake for coworkers?

45 votes

How to reply to a recruiter if I am going on maternity leave soon?

39 votes

Fired for doing disallowed web searches; how can I show it was outside my control?

33 votes

How can I highlight how much better I've made our code and deal with a coworker that disagrees?

33 votes

Employer is trying to fire me after I have resigned

31 votes

I faked experience certificate to my new employer

27 votes

Coworker won't accept apology for my stupid mistake

26 votes

Should I ask for a pay rise every year?

24 votes

Why fire an employee who is resigning?

24 votes

Someone else used my office while I am WFH - what should I do?

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